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Art School or Freelancing Experience?

Benefits of graduating form an Art school compared to working as a Freelance artist

Since the inception of the formal education system, science and finance have managed to grab the attention of the students. Arts, as a subject, has always been kept on the back burner. The reason for this widespread difference is simple to understand: the Arts are associated with creativity, and most artists feel that their own creativity comes from within. As a result they prefer to stay away from formal education. In recent times the perception towards formal arts education has changed, due to several schools and colleges being dedicated solely to the arts. In California alone, there are between 45 and50 art schools which offer various undergraduate and graduate courses in various art disciplines.

Art School or Freelancing Experience?

Art School or Freelancing Experience?

An art school is an institution where formal art education is provided to persons of all walks of life through methodical learning and practical training. After undergoing a professional course from a reputable art school, an artist is not only assured of better earning perspectives but is also able to experience a change in his or her artistic perception. Art school undertakes the task of polishing one’s hidden talents—be it designing, fine arts, painting, or acting—and ignite an indomitable passion in an artist’s sprit. Undergoing formal training via a reputable art school opens up new horizons in terms of money and work experience for artists, and gives them an edge over their contemporaries that haven’t received any formal training.

A number of freelance artists shun the idea of attending an art school because they believe that getting into any such institution is a monumental task. The reality is quite opposite, especially when one is seeking admission to an art school in California. Most Californian art schools offer both undergraduate and graduate courses and take students based on portfolio or practical audition, depending on the art discipline one chooses.

For example, the California College of Arts offers numerous courses and starts its admission process during the fall of every year. This institution gives a fair chance to its prospective students to experience the real atmosphere of its campus by organizing a Preview Fall day. The admission process of this school is simple and offers a number of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to the deserving and needy artists who wish to receive a formal education in the arts. For more information about the California College of Arts, visit its official website at: https://www.cca.edu/.

There are several other schools and colleges in California offering art courses to freelance artists, one of the most well-known being the California Institute of Arts. A low teacher-to-student ratio and a strong emphasis on practical exposure are obvious advantages to this wonderful art school. To gain insight on its admission process and to obtain information about its offered courses, visit its official website at:  http://calarts.edu/.

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Art School Requirements

Requirement to Get into an Art school

An arts school will provide you with the abilities and skills you need to make a living off of what you love share with friends as your passion. Today, the arts and music have become mandatory in educational institutions which improves the interest of the students towards arts and creativity with academics. No child is talentless, and everyone has an interest which needs to be focused and improved.

Art School Requirements

Art School Requirements

Additional Training to Boost Your Skill

Everyone is born with a hidden talent which needs to be identified, enhanced, and shared with those who appreciate your art and intelligence. The place to learn more and enhance your artistic talent is at an art school, which is an amazing platform and a good way to build your career with additional training, it’s the clear choice when you want to elevate your creative side.

Note: With new learning management system technologies there are quite a few online training courses where you get get skilled in art right from home.

The First Step is to Enroll in the Program

Artists who are successful today have received an art education with proper training programs. To get started in your career, the first step is to enroll in any of the art schools in California, as they present post-secondary, graduate, undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Due to the demand of arts all over the world, arts schools have increased in number and have successfully helped students learn about art, architecture, theatre, and media in a unique environment which encourages creative teamwork.

Requirements to Get Into an Art School

Pursuing an art education with appropriate aptitude and skills will help you make a living from what you love most. Those who wish to proceed with their career can make their living with an art skills degree. If you have a portfolio of your artwork, you can include it with your application as it  presents your top level of artistic achievement. In addition, a wide selection of techniques and mediums are important to present in order to present your creative skill and process.

Benefits of Graduating From an Art School

  • Helps express your enthusiasm and motivation for your work.
  • Helps present your devotion towards artistic vision and the creative process.
  • Helps share your ideas, concepts, analyses, and critiques.
  • Allows you to discuss the significance of an art education.

A certified student is welcomed by institutions and corporations to be part of the team and to help develop the company with their creative skills in architecture or other fields.
What else are you waiting for? If you are committed to enhancing your creativity, visit http://artschools.com/states/california/ and enroll in order to pursue your creative and arts education for a brighter future.

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Art Gallery

Art Schools in California

Gaining an Edge with Formal Training from Art Schools in California

There are unlimited opportunities in the arts field. The notion that expression of art is solely for creatively-inclined individuals doesn’t always hold true. The truth is that there are many artists who have an inherent talent and artistic prowess but have not learned how to unleash it due to  lack of formal training. The right skills and knowledge enable such individuals to pursue a career that they are passionate about. Upcoming artists and individuals seek to consider the option of enrolling into a suitable art school to stretch their abilities beyond the canvas. Freelance artists also benefit from a formal training in art as it helps in gaining a wider exposure and expands their contact network.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Wide Choices in Art at California

Attending a reputable art school paves the way for a budding artist to explore and experience various disciplines of art, and thereby helps them to realize which of these to pursue. The state of California has some of the best art schools, and since Hollywood and Los Angeles are close by, endless opportunities to pursue a career in art exist. As a hub of art opportunities—be it film studios, fashion design agencies, museums, or photo galleries—the list just goes on for California. Art schools in California offer wide and varied programs in art. Evolution in the subject of art is an ongoing process. There is always something new to learn—be it in the subject of fine arts, literary arts, visual arts, performing arts, or digital arts. Graphic design, animation, audio/sound production, recording arts, interior design, illustration, sculpting, painting, and many other fields in are there to choose from. The advent of technology within the field of art education has further expanded its scope and given learning arts a new connotation. The effects of technology and digital media on developing better refined results in the field of music, theater, audio sounds, painting, photography, dance forms, etc., are well known.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission requirements for an arts program of any of the art schools in California follow a set of criteria that may differ from one school to another. Apart from generalized requirements such as academic achievements, the SOP mentioning why the candidate is interested in that program, letters of recommendation and evidence in the form a portfolio depicting creative art work, art schools seek students capable of keen observation,minute detailing skills, and ability to carry out cross functionality in different spheres of art. Programs in animation, fashion design, game design, visual effects and communications, photography, graphic design, digital design, puppetry, etc., can be considered in most of the California-based arts schools. Apart from degree courses, there are certificate and diploma courses of study as well. Get thorough research done on various options to pursue an art course of interest at any one of the art schools in California.

Universities with Outstanding Art Classes:


Preparing to Study in an Arts School

Preparing to Study in an Arts SchoolWhen you tell people that you wish to study in an arts school, they immediately tell you to look for other options. You won’t go far if you are heading in that direction. There are not so many people who have chosen to be artists who made it really big in the industry. Though it is true, you should also not let other people stop you from achieving your dreams. If you are passionate about it, then go for it. Besides, it is as if other options are not that risky anyway. You will still gamble if you will study other courses. Whether it is law, engineering or business, there is really no assurance of getting a good job and eventually succeeding.

This is why you just have to go for it. Look for arts schools that are of good reputation. They have to provide you with all the tools that you need to succeed as an artist. There are a lot of arts schools out there. You need to choose the one that fits your needs.

Preparing for your studies

There are a lot of fields in the arts. You need to know first what you are good at to begin with. You cannot push for something you know that you are not really that good at. You need to make sure that you have a natural talent that needs to be harnessed. At this point, you cannot start from scratch since formal education does not necessarily take that much of a time. Furthermore, you also have to understand that studying can be very expensive. You need a lot more than regular students. You have tools to be used as an artist. You also need other materials to enhance your work. You also need to spend more time finishing a task, way beyond class hours. This is why it is not an easy field and there are a lot of things that are beyond expectation.

How to succeed

When you have finally chosen to go for this field, then you need to see to it that you are in it for the long haul. You need to focus on achieving your goals. You have to make sure that you are happy with this decision. You have to list all the items that you need to begin with. You also have to make sure that you leave all the things that stress you out behind or else you can’t focus on the task at hand. Most of all, you need to be physically prepared. Studying in an arts school is very stressful. You need to eat healthy and stay healthy at all times. It helps a lot if you eat the right kind of food while working. You need to drink healthy beverage too. For instance, you can check out online juicer reviews so you can find out what are the best juicers to purchase and prepare your own drinks. You don’t have to stick with coffee just to keep you awake. You can go on with your worn beyond the time allotted, but not worry a lot about your health.

The road towards success as an artist is long and challenging. You need to be fully prepared.

Let Your Children Start Going to an Arts School at a Young Age

Let Your Children Start Going to an Arts School at a Young AgeSome people are born with natural talents. Many others harnessed the skills through the years. If your child does not possess natural gifts or skills, it does not matter. His environment and how you help him grow better as a person will make him the kind of person he deserves to be. This is why you need to be a supportive parent. You need to expose your child to things that will harness his natural skills at such a young age. Don’t wait too long, or it will not be harnessed anymore.

Start young

One of the best ways to train your child is through extracurricular activities. In school, your child learns everything that he needs to develop his academic skills. However, he also needs other skills such as artistic abilities. This might be learned somehow in school, but it can be learned better when he is enrolled in an arts school. There are a lot of institutions that are willing to train your child. There are also tutorial lessons available if you wish to have a more personal training for your child. If your child starts at a young age, then he becomes highly skilled, as he grows older.

More benefits

Kids who are exposed to arts at a young age turn out to become better individuals in terms of their academics according to studies. Therefore, it is more advantageous on their part. They also think logically if faced with different situations. They don’t necessarily have to become major artists in the future. This is just one way to train them to develop their brain. Kids who are artistic also tend to become more sociable. They can think creatively and they can also find different ways to mingle with other people. The list of benefits can go on and on. Your child is on a much better path if exposed to the arts at a young age.

No coercion please

Despite the fact that you are interested in making your child more interested in the arts, it is important that you don’t force your child to do something he does not want. If you put force, then it forfeits everything. He will just tend to hate the arts more than loving it. It will also put a dent in your relationship.

Kids excel in different ways. If your child really has no interest in drawing or painting, then you might as well expose him in music. If not, perhaps you can try different sports. Allow your child to discover what he wants in life and try not to meddle if possible.

Start at home

If you want to expose your child to the arts, then your home must also be a place where he can appreciate arts even more. His bedroom must be filled with beautiful artworks. There should also be a mini library depicting works of famous artists. You can also buy him the materials needed to create a masterpiece. Of course, the bedroom must be tastefully decorated with the best carpets. It must be well-maintained using any of the 10 best carpet cleaner brands. You can also check out the 10 carpet cleaner reviews for more information. As long as you keep your home conducive for learning, then it is good enough.

Study in Art School and Design Your Own Watches

Study in Art School and Design Your Own WatchesA lot of people have this notion that when you study in art schools, you will automatically learn painting and drawing. The truth is that art is far broader than that. There are a lot of aspects in arts that people can learn from. Arts include theater acting, dancing, fashion designing and more. People who wanted to extract their creative juices can always enroll in art schools and learn a lot.

There is also another stereotype that arts graduates are not paid well. They study something they love doing, but they don’t have a clear future ahead of them. Again, this is not necessarily true. There are a lot of branches of arts that actually pay well. For instance, fashion designers who have successfully penetrated the market go out there and become millionaires. Those who were able to make a name for themselves have easily turned their ideas into cash. You can be one of them. You can be a proof that these stereotypes don’t necessarily have to apply to everyone. There are a lot of fields that you can explore, and they are worth checking out.


Designing watches

Designing accessories is actually something that people can do for a living. There are a lot of accessories that can be designed well and sell tremendously as soon as they hit the shelves. From bracelets to necklaces, the design options are endless. The same thing is true for watches. You might think of watches as something that look basic and simple. However, there are people who are into watch designs that are over the top and unusual. You can count on these people to patronize what you will offer.

In arts schools, you will learn about the basics of designing. Then, you will be given the freedom to make your own design choices. As soon as you graduate from the art school and you feel like this is the path you wanted to take, go ahead and grab that opportunity. A lot of people are now into accessories design. This is a money making field that you can explore. You can check out the best watches for men from designer brands and you will realize that these watches are not as simple as you think they are. For some other options for the best mens watches, check out these luxury watches.


Limitless opportunities

When you are a graduate of an arts school, you are in for a lot of surprises. People these days are becoming more creative. They no longer stick to what is common. Besides, trends have changed rapidly these days. This is why creative people like you should make the most out of the opportunity. Make sure that you can transform your gift to something that can make a lot of money. Many people have started this path before and are very successful now. You can be one of them if you work hard and stay focused. Take the first step and enroll in an arts school.

Small Home Design Details Should Not Be Ignored

Small Home Design Details Should Not Be Ignored

As an artist, you might be very particular of details. Well, you should. A lot of people are artistic in nature. They are also particular of details just like you. If you are creating an artwork in any form, you need to make sure that the smallest details are taken care of. The slightest mistake will affect the quality of everything that you do.

This is true when it comes to home design. Whether or not you are an artist, you have to be careful of details regarding home design. This is something that you cannot just ignore. When it comes to the kitchen, you might just be concerned of major items or things that people can see. You choose the right table or the best chairs. You are also careful of the cooking device. However, you fail to realize that small details like the kitchen faucet must also be given enough attention. If it does not look good, the rest will be affected too. Imagine having fantastic home decors in your kitchen and your faucet looks ordinary.


Check out the best kitchen faucet

There are a lot of kitchen faucets out there. They also come in different designs and styles. You can definitely find one that matches the concept that you have in mind for your kitchen. Aside from the overall design, you also need to find one that is perfect for your kitchen needs. For instance, there are faucets that can be easily adjusted to pour out water on two sinks. Some others come with a mini shower, which can be used for washing plates. Whatever it is that you find useful and practical for your kitchen needs, then go for it.

The only issue might be on the price of the faucets. It money is the problem, then don’t worry. You can get the best kitchen faucets at a low price from the right store. In fact, you can get one online if you are serious in your search. You can also read online kitchen faucet reviews if you want the best results possible. Some people who have used the exact same faucet before might give you ideas on whether or not it could also be the best choice for you.


Educate yourself

If you are not yet confident in your experience as an interior designer, then educate yourself. Take crash courses or learn from experts. Even if you are just designing your own home, you still need information on how to make it look great. Besides, you can pursue this as a profession someday. You just need the right information so you can do well. Once you have finished your home kitchen design, then you can assess yourself and see if you have done a great job. You can also ask others to assess what you have done and provide honest feedback. Most of all, you have to replace items that need replacement if it could improve the overall look of the kitchen or the other parts of your home for that matter.

CrossFit World Record for the Largest 3d Street Art

Reebok CrossFit and 3D artist Joe Hill have teamed up to break the world’s largest 3D street art in London.

The original idea was for Reebok to promote their new association with CrossFit (see dsstuff) by sponsoring a local art project in London. Reebok UK was hoping to work with a range of colleges in the East London area by sponsoring an art competition for a selection of students from each college.

Due to the time of year the project didn’t take off and Reebok was forced back to the drawing board. A local 3D artist by the name of Joe Hill was told about the failed project, so he decided to contact the organizers with an alternative suggestion.

Joe’s idea was to simply create a 3D painting around 18 meters squared in the middle of the city center. The painting would have taken around four days to complete and would have created a social media buzz, simply because any 3D painting attracts attention.

The Reebok team liked the idea but wanted to take the concept to a whole new level by making the project bigger and attract even more attention. The Reebok team discovered that the world record for the biggest 3D art project was 900 meters squared, so they asked Joe and his team if it would be possible to create a 3D painting 1,000 meters squared in a short time frame of seven days.

Joe and his team like a challenge and decided to give it a go. The project was moved to London’s West India Quays – Canary Wharf, as a bigger space was required. The design was a mediaeval ice canyon with a double waterfall. The stand out aspect was snow covered ledges with the Reebok logo and text placed within the rock walls.

The CrossFit element comes alive with six CrossFit athletes working out on the ice ledges; the overall effect was impressive watching a video of the CrossFitters workout. The Reebok team took a number of photos of the CrossFitters in a range of different positions and quickly posted them to the social media accounts.

The day before the final assessment by the Guinness book of world records, Joe and his team where informed that another world record attempt was taking place so they had to increase the size of the painting to ensure the record was official.

The final measurement was 1160 meters squared, making this attempt a new world record for the biggest 3D painting. The video of the event did go viral with a staggering 951,000 views on Youtube.

It was also interesting to note that the photos on Facebook and Instagram also became very popular with over 2 million shares between the two accounts. A Reebok spokesperson said the record attempt was very successful and generated a lot of publicity for the company.

Reebok now sponsors the CrossFit games in California, U.S., and has developed a range of gear including the highly anticipated Reebok Nano shoe. Due for release in 2015 the nano 5 is expected to sell out with in minutes.

Explore Limitless Possibilities in Art School During Your Experimental Year

What is the best way to thrive as an artist? While there are those who are truly talented in the arts and do not require any education, majority of the population still have to be schooled in order to learn different kinds of techniques and methods. Students are also allowed to explore different fields in order to find out where they truly excel in and what interests them greatly.

Most art schools offer a year where students are allowed to experience different types of art forms like sketching, drawing and painting to name a few. The scholastic results of this experimental year are usually not included in the final grading. But even in schools that include it, the students are still obliged to experiment during their first year. This will give them a chance to feel which part of the arts they really want to excel in.

What Do You Gain?

Without going to art school and not experiencing the experimental year, an artist will work with a disadvantage of taking more time to find and discover his own niche and what field of the arts he or she is interested in since it allows the students to develop their creativity. This means that all art students are free to express themselves and create something in a form of an art work. This will allow the student to practice and enhance his unique artistry with some guidance from art professors.

All About Exposure

The best course of action is to get quality education in any of the categories or fields of art. There are some schools that take advantage of art exhibitions where they let their students join in.  The success of the students when they graduate will depend a lot on the quality of education they receive from their schools and their professors. The best professors are those who still find the time to practice and do their craft while teaching.

Just like sports, artists also need to invest in learning and training. For example, those who want to learn soccer should check out about Matthew Smith’s epic soccer training program, which is the best training for soccer out there. After that, practice and more practice is the key. Unfortunately there are some artists who have stopped practicing their craft as soon as they got into the academe.

The best art schools expend a lot of effort in introducing their students to the real world of art. They usually produce a good number of successful artists from their graduates. Usually, the best art schools do not need to advertise themselves for being a good art school. This means the name of the school from which a student graduated from is enough to propel the artists’ career to new highs.

An artist who was not able to go to art school will have to depend on himself and his own ways of promoting himself within the real world of art. This certainly means that the artist will probably have to use all of his time and energy just to get his works into an exhibit. That’s definitely a disadvantage.

Check out water ionizer machine reviews too for your purified water needs inside art schools or galleries.

Enroll in an Art School While You are Pregnant

Pregnancy can be very exciting. You learn a lot of new stuff every day. You also feel great knowing that in a few months, you will give birth to a new life. However, for some pregnant women, it can be a bit difficult. They might have to endure extreme pains along the way. Though all these things are true, it is also possible that pregnancy can be boring. This is true especially if you go through a normal pregnancy, and you have nothing else to do. You might have resigned from your job or have taken a maternity leave. Your husband might also not allow you to do strenuous activities or your doctor advised you to avoid doing a lot of things. Thus, you end up sitting at home and eating a lot.

Even if it helps a lot that you are well rested when pregnant, you also have to make the most out of your free time. You might not have that much free time again once your baby is born or you start working again. As such, you should consider going to an art school. If you have always been an art enthusiast, but you just don’t have the time to study in an arts school, this is the time to make it happen.

Benefits of studying

To begin with, you already know that what you do while pregnant could potentially affect your child. There are studies that reveal how pregnant women who loved reading during pregnancy ended up with a child who is very smart. There are also those who loved watching certain movies and when their child grew older, they became interested in film. Therefore, if you enroll in an arts school, you could potentially have an artistic child.

Another reason is that you want to feel relaxed. It is very satisfying if you know that during your free time, you did not just sit there and do nothing. You know that you have accomplished something. You also feel great since you learn something new each day.

The best part is that even if you are learning, you are not being stressed out. This is not like academic studies that make you really drained. Studying in an arts school is more like doing your hobby. It is doing what you have always wanted to do. There is no pressure at all.

Choosing the right school

In choosing the best arts school, you have to first consider a place that has facilities to cater to pregnant women. Going in and out of the school must not be difficult for you. They must also have a parking lot for pregnant women. They should also have a clinic just in case a medical emergency takes place. Aside from these facilities, you must consider the reputation of the school. Yes, you might just be doing this for fun or to kill your time, but you also wanted to make the most out of it. You need to learn from experts. You have to be fully satisfied with your decision in the end.

Once you have chosen the right school, you can now do something out of your time. However, if you are still not certain about your pregnancy and it stresses you out, you can visit here to get more details that will help you.